Monday, 16 September 2019

The Ould Kirk in the Blue Door (23rd Sept - 28th Sept)

Countdown! One week to go...
Thank you  to all who have been gathering for the Blue Door and who have offered to help during the week. If you know of anyone with items to take along to the shop, probably mid – week is best, when stocks are going down. Raffle donations are still welcome, as will be baking or confectionery to sell.

Fingers crossed we will have a good week.

Marlene  (Interim secretary)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Friends of St. Nicholas in the Blue Door (23rd - 28th September)

Holm 200 Exhibition - July/August 2019

 Dear Friends

Thank you all for supporting our exhibition , whether as a visitor or as a donor to the display, or both.

Many stimulating conversations about Holm’s people have been enjoyed over the two months and the gratifying sum of £751.90 has been raised.

Many thanks!

Marlene Mainland (interim secretary)

Annual report - 2018

Saturday, 22 June 2019


Peace- Land : reflection-remembrance-response.

A visitor to Orkney, by great good fortune I attended Peace- Land in the tranquil setting of St Nicholas Kirk by the shore in East Holm, on Thursday 20th June.
The narrated piece of one hundred verses, written by Gabrielle Barnby, was supported by four striking glass panels that told the story of the German high seas fleet which went to its ultimate fate in the waters of Scapa Flow one hundred years ago.
Gabrielle’s gentle reading was interspersed with verses translated into German, read by Andrea Freund, and a section in Orcadian spoken by Marlene Mainland. The evocative music of the Borealis hand bell group and the violas of Elizabeth Duncan and Francesca Barnby created a haunting atmosphere as the evening sun filtered into St Nicholas and lit up Ralph Robinson’s glowing glass panels.
Gabrielle’s depth of research was impressive, catching deep truths, and I was left feeling profoundly moved by the flaws in humans which stain our history.
Keep memory honest, And peace safe, A whisper, In the noust of the heart.

MO and MM, Friends of St Nicholas