Saturday, 15 March 2014

Projects - (St Nicholas Kirk, Holm, Orkney)


The first job to be tackled was that of clearing the building of debris. Volunteers met one Saturday in April 2010, and after much shovelling, sweeping and wheeling of barrows, the place was tidy. We are very grateful to all who gave their time and energy to these arduous tasks.

In autumn of 2010, repairs were carried out on the north side of the roof where there were loose and damaged slates. Scaffolding was provided by A Flett, with the work done by volunteers, and the subsequent pointing and slate replacement was carried out by the firm of B Thomson.

The Vestry Remembrance Room

We plan to refurbish the vestry for the use of visitors to the kirkyard during the summer months, providing an amenity complementary to the cemetery. This will contain a book of remembrance for dedications, a booklet with the kirkyard plan and memorial guide, folders for photos and obituaries and biographies of local people.

We hope that this will be a place for quiet reflection, and we welcome any information which we can include in this collection.

The Bellcote

The building has lost some of its character since the destruction of the bellcote. (Most Scottish churches of this design had a bellcote, rather than a bell tower, which is a much larger structure.) The familiar profile of the building has been lost, and it is our long term plan to restore it. This will be the most expensive of our projects and can only happen if we manage to raise sufficient funds.

Holm Uncovered Heritage Project 2013
We were successful in obtaining a Heritage Lottery grant, enabling us to investigate and share the history of our parish. A full report is in the Library section of this site.

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