Friday, 22 October 2010

Minutes of general meeting - October 2010 - (St Nicholas Kirk, Holm, Orkney)

Friends of St Nicholas 
 Minute of General Meeting in Holm Hall, 22 nd October, 2010 

 Molly Aim, Linda Cromarty Alfie Flett (Chair), Erlend Flett, James Goar, Reg Jamieson, Joyce Johnston, Herbert Johnston, Marlene Mainland (secy), Dorothy Muir,Helen Paterson, Antoine Pietri, Graeme Ramage, Rhoda Shearer, Richard Shearer, Tommy Sinclair William Sinclair ,Jean Smith, Diana Swan, Athole Thomson (treasurer) 

Apologies: Rita Jamieson 

The minutes of the last general meeting of 28 th May were circulated and approved. 

Matters arising 
 Referring to the minutes, the chairman summa rised the sequence of events leading up to the declaration of interest in St Nicholas, for the benefit of those who had not been at previous meetings.

Progress since 28 th May 
The chairman outlined the committee’s work since the general meeting in May. This had involved visiting the building, and subse quently placing an offer of £6500 for the closing date of 2 nd July 2009. The transaction had since become protracted due to the addition by the Trustees of a Standard Security and Minute of Agreement relating to future de velopment value of the property. This had now been removed and it was hoped to proceed with the purchase. The trustees expected the deal to be settled by the end of the month. 

As the purchase would be entirely depende nt on voluntary contribu tions, a Treasurer’s Account had been opened with The Bank of Scotland and the account details would be available for those who wished to donate to the fund. To cover costs, and have a small contingency fund, £10000 was needed. It was decided to publicise this as wide ly as possible within the coming week. 

Future Status 
 In reply to a question about ch aritable status, the chairman said that this might be an option in the future, but at the moment the main objective was to finalise the acquisition of the building. 

Next Meeting
 A meeting would be called once the tran saction was completed, but it was not possible to set a date, since the exact timescale was not known. The chairman thanked everyone for their attendance.

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